Beginning the Journey of a Professional Portfolio: Purpose and Passion

When I began my professional portfolio, I thought about how I wanted to be remembered at the end of my career. In education, this type of planning is referred to as “beginning with the end in mind” (Backwards by Design planning). Steve Jobs challenges you to live “as if you would die tomorrow” and I believe that this philosophy can instill purpose and passion in everyone. As I welcome myself to new Professional Learning Networks (PLN), I am excited to share my knowledge, resources and experiences to hopefully enrich other educators.

As I establish greater roots in education, I am motivated to use technology, athletics and personality to give students purpose and passion for their learning.  As a third year teacher, I have embraced the challenge of moving across Canada, from Edmonton, AB to Halifax, NS . I am currently enjoying being a substitute teacher while trying to motivate students to find their passions in life and on a day-to-day basis.

It’s time to lead by example for the students to see the wonderful opportunities that blogging can create for themselves. Thank-you for taking the time to read my blog and explore my awesome pages! 🙂


Gaby Ferzli


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