Introducing my Portfolio

The creation my portfolio has made me reflect on who I am as a person and as an educator. I am proud to have a vast overlap between my profession and my personal life. Although I value a balance of work and personal life, my passionate personality allows me to love the work that I commit myself to. As a professional in education, I am interested in the interactions with colleagues, students, parents and other stakeholders in the educational world. My digital footprint to the world begins with my professional portfolio in education. This website describes who I am as a person, while highlighting my qualifications.

The wonderful opportunities that I experienced through athletics has impacted my character and my personality.  I appreciate the values and character I developed through positive role-models in my lifetime in athletics. As I move forward in my coaching career, I am inspired to challenge and motive students to become their best self in sport and in life. However, I would never have been given those opportunities if it was not for all the great teachers that pushed me to achieve excellence in my education.

I have always taken great pride and have had wonderful fulfilment in helping others. I embrace the opportunities to help others develop their passions and pursue their goals and ambitions in life.

I hope to accomplish the following with this website:

  • Continue to grow and learn as a leader in education.
  • Maintain the most current and best practices in education.
  • Transparency with communication with parents and students.
  • Connect with other educators around the world.
  • Promote healthy living and athletics in education.
  • Allow myself and students to express personality.

Yours in Education,

Gaby Ferzli


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