Endings Mean New Beginnings

Everyone knows that the month of June is the beginning of the end of the school year. The end of a school year can be happy and exciting or it can be stressful and difficult for students, parents and/or teachers. Each year brings about new challenges, opportunities, successes and failures that once reflected upon by everyone can bring to focus if goals, dreams and aspirations were achieved. Whenever there is an ‘ending’ to something, reflection of the past events can be excellent an teachers for future endeavours.

Students, parents and/or teachers may feel excited about the coming summer because it was a successful year or they may just be ready for a break. Also, they will have developed valuable skills, knowledge and friendships. However, there are times when the ‘end’ of the school year can be difficult for a student, parent and/or teacher. Change can be unfamiliar and that can be very stressful. New routines and relationships cause anxiety which may be an uncomfortable feeling that many people don’t like to encounter directly. Ultimately, the ‘ending’ of something marks the beginning of something new. Whether the school year was a wonderful year filled with joy and laughter or a difficult year that has had lessons to be learned; it is important to remember that the best direction to move in life is forward.

Since my year was filled with both successes and difficulties as a substitute teacher, I will take my own advice and continue forward! As I embark on my journey back into my own classroom, I am very excited and eager to share my lessons from this past year with my up coming classrooms of tomorrow.

Until next time. 🙂




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