To achieve great assessment, it needs to be clear, attainable and an on-going interaction between students, parents, principals and teachers. By using formative and summative assessment throughout the course of the year, students and parents are able to know how well their learning. Formative assessment or as it is sometimes referred to as ‘assessment FOR learning’, is examining and showing the progress of specific learning outcomes (SLO’s) during the lesson or unit. It is immediate feedback provided by the teacher to the student; this looks very similar to coaching a student through the lesson. Summative assessment or as it is also referred to as ‘assessment OF learning’ is the measure of SLO’s at the end of the unit or topic. Most commonly seen as an exam/test, or a final unit project. This approach to assessment has allowed me to be successful for allowing students to understand “where they stand with their marks.” However, whenever we are able to ‘own’ our learning, we gain a higher sense of responsibility for the process of learning and often it yields the best results for growth and learning. ‘Assessment AS learning’ is using peer and self assessment to reflect upon their learning to recognize their areas of strengths or their need for growth.  This can be powerful because it can allow students to set their own goals and then advocate for their own learning. The best practice of assessment includes Assessment FOR, OF, and AS learning. A great teacher has great assessment!

Additionally, these three processes of assessment have helped me to be organized and have a clear idea on how I want to plan out my whole year, units and individual lessons.

I also believe that great teacher share there lessons, plans and assessment strategies. I have set up rubrics, performance based assessment and celebration of learning outlines together for anyone to use. These will be uploaded shortly, sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for the patience!

  1. Rubrics
  2. Performance Based Assessment
  3. Celebration of Learning

“Give me a target to hit, and I will hit it” -Unknown


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