Gaby Ferzli giving the speech of the year.

Gaby Ferzli giving the speech of the year.

My name is Gabriel (Gaby) Ferzli, I was born in Edmonton, AB, Canada as the youngest of 4 high energy boys. Having been raised by parents that immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in the late 1970’s, I was blessed to have a genuine multi-cultural experience like so many other 1st generation born Canadians. Wanting to start a family in a stable country, my parents instilled in me the importance of a nucleus family and extended family. Being the youngest of three, I was able to develop my motor skills at an early age, which enhanced my physical ability throughout school. As we all grew into adults, our love for sports never wavered which has provided us with a number of valuable life lessons. Family and friends hold a very high priority in my life and some day I hope to have a family of my own.

During my university studies I was able to have the great opportunity to play collegiate basketball at Concordia University College of Alberta. While achieving my Bachelor’s of Education degree I was excited of the possibilities of being a positive role-model for kids, teens, and young adults; similar to the instrumental teachers and role models that helped shape me as a man.  I thoroughly enjoy the deep connections and relationships that forms by coaching and challenging students to become the best possible student and athlete.

It is a very satisfying feeling to help mold the future generations of learner, but it is an even more powerful feeling to have completed four years of teaching and know this is a career I love and am passionate about every day. Parkland School Division (PSD70) has given me three amazing years of professional development, facilitating meaningful relationships with students and colleagues and developing my teaching craft. After my second year of teaching, I moved to Halifax, NS where I  spent the year as a substitute teacher with Halifax Regional School Board, Armbrae Academy, and Sacred Heart of Halifax. I was fortunate enough to return to PSD70 to Woodhaven Middle School.  I am very eager and excited to see where my future endeavours in Education will take me. 


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