My Purpose and Passion


God -Simply put, the word “God” in an educationally setting that is not a faith based organization(however still including them), can create controversially discussion and debate. This is not my purpose for disclosing this information about myself. I include this information in my portfolio because I feel it is important to highlight what has shaped me as individual.

I firmly believe that human beings are on this planet to have an active relationship with God. I believe in purpose and direction because of the amazing hope one can feel and embrace in that kind of love. It is through my faith that I truly believe people can “treat others as as they would want to be treated. ” (Luke 6:31) This has helped shape my world-view with helping people find and develop their passions. It would be an amazing feeling if everyone viewed each other with love and grace.


1.  Family – The foundation laid by one’s family is imperative. I believe in the power of  agape love to break barriers down. I love every moment and memories I have shared with my family, I feel very blessed to have the family that I have. For more information about me, check out my “Biography” page.

2. Education – Having been an elementary student that transformed from, “only liking school for recess and breaks” to a student that loved the feeling of being challenged and growing into a better student and athlete that “loved being at school;”  is a transformation that I want others to feel and experience. Of course it is satisfying when any student is successful, but it is especially special when you are a part of a transformation for a student with their character and learning.

3. Athletics – Having been involved in sports at a young age, my passion for sport has grown with my age. I love the physical and mental strain and relief that sport provides. Currently, my focus is on coaching and developing students skills to a level they desire. Commitment, sacrifice, and teamwork are amazing skills and tools that sport can begin to foster and develop, among many others. Also, I keep myself active by working out, and playing various of different sports in men’s league.


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