Coaching Philosophy

I have been coaching for the last 7 years and I started coaching while I was completing my first Bacholors degree. During this time, I returned to my former high school and began, “giving back” to the basketball program that “gave me” so much.  The wealth of knowledge I was able to gain from the coaches I worked with was so immense that I was ‘gaining’ as much skills and knowledge as I was ‘giving’. This reciprocating feeling was great, but ultimately one of the greatest lessons that was instilled into me as a player, was the importance of “how” I played the game, and not necessarily if I “win” the game. Obviously I love winning, but I was taught that “playing the right way,” will often result in the highest level of success, even if sometimes it is a “loss”.

Hard work, responsibility, commitment and love for sports are essential character traits that student athletes develop. I am able to connect and challenge the students in a number of different facets: mentally, physically and emotionally. John Wooden was a phenomenal coach that had won a remarkable 10 NCAA basketball championships in his career. His ability to win is unprecedented however, his ability to create a culture with intrinsically motivated individuals to achieve one goal for the common good of the team, brilliant! I believe the picture (below) should be posted in every gymnasium so that students can learn to commit themselves to something greater than themselves. Especially in today’s extremely individualistic world.


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