Digital Portfolio

Change – is uncomfortable, sometimes messy, challenging and most importantly needs the willingness to take the next step. Making a digital portfolio is a necessary tool in the 21st century as an educator, however the ability to gain the skills and confidence to be proficient and even exemplary takes many hours of work, learning and failing. Blogs, Twitter, Remind are only a few mediums that allow a teacher to leave their digital footprint for themselves and their students. Today’s professional development was another step forward in being “uncomfortable” with my learning. I have learned a lot of great ways to connect with parents students by using technology, but today was a great reminder that it is a journey of constant reflection and learning how to improve my knowledge to increase my pedagogy.

I learn some practical lessons today and one of the most valuable lessons I learned today was to become more conscious and familiar with the Teaching Quality Standards of which I am measured as a teacher. By keeping this at the forefront of my practice, I will be able to reflect about how my instruction and deliver is being effective for my students. As I move forward in my educational journey, I embrace the the feeling of discomfort when it is sparked by learning. Therefore it can be said that the mark of a great teacher is someone who is able to facilitate a student through that type of learning. Time to make some changes and additions to this digital portfolio.