c) Teachers understand the subject disciplines they teach. 

Teachers understand the knowledge, concepts, methodologies and assumptions of the subject disciplines they teach. This includes an understanding of how knowledge in each discipline is created and organized, and that subject disciplines are more than bodies of static facts and techniques – they are complex and evolving. Their understanding extends to relevant technologies, the linkages among subject disciplines, and their relevance and importance in everyday life at the personal, local, national and international levels.

g) Teachers translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities.

“Demonstrates understanding of the enduring understandings, processes and skills for the subject disciplines and is able to connect students to the curriculum through engaging and meaningful learning learning tasks.”

I have met these standards by the following:

  • Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.Ed) gave me the knowledge to understand the importance of brain development and the importance of scaffolding for students. Therefore, the knowledge that I have to teach the students has to be effectively delivered to meet the needs of each students past experiences.
  • Bachelor in History gives me a strong understanding delivering the Humanities subjects from K-9.
  • Willingness to collaborate with learning coaches and adminstation.
  • Extensive playing and coaching in sports allows me to teach Physical Literacy.
  • Continual willingness to be better and grow in teaching through constant PD sessions throughout the years.
  • Eager to collaborate and learn from colleagues in and out of the same building.




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