i) Teachers gather and use information about students’ learning needs and progress.

Teachers monitor students’ actions on an ongoing basis to determine and respond to their learning needs. They use a variety of diagnostic methods that include observing students’ activities, analysing students’ learning difficulties and strengths, and interpreting the results of assessments and information provided by students, their parents, colleagues and other professionals.

Demonstrates a recognition of individual differences in students and is responsive to these differences by including various practices such as flexible groupings, a range of ways for students to demonstrate learning, scaffolded support and making thinking visible in order to address varying needs.”

I have met the following criteria by:

  • Philosophically I firmly believe in Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences Theory – there are different criteria that suggest intelligence. Therefore, ALL students are capable of learning.
  • If all students are capable of learning an effective plan needs to be in place in order for that to take fruition.
  • Universal Design for Learning or Backwards By Design is my planning strategies for effectively reaching all students.
  • Providing accommodations and allowing students to achieve success at their needs and level.


  • Raz-kids
  • Read and Write Gold
  • Grammarly
  • Online texts
  • Additional time
  • Scribes



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