k) Teachers are career-long learners.
Teachers engage in ongoing professional development to enhance their: understanding of and ability to analyze the context of teaching; ability to make reasoned judgments and decisions; and, pedagogical knowledge and abilities. They recognize their own professional needs and work with others to meet those needs. They share their professional expertise to the benefit of others in their schools, communities and profession. Teachers guide their actions by their overall visions of the purpose of teaching.

“Teachers are career long learners who participate in professional growth activities, reflect on teaching experiences, seek feedback from a variety of sources, and shares this information in a commitment to growth as a teacher.”

I have met the following criteria by:

  • Daily reflection occurs at the end of a lesson or the end of a school day. Writing reflections are made once a month to help remember and reflect successes and failures of the month.
  • Willingness to try and learn new subject areas: In 4 years of teaching I have taught grades 5-9 Humanities
  • Constant collaboration with learning coach and other colleagues
  • Attended Learning Leaders PD sessions from George Couras

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