g) Teachers translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities.
Teachers clearly communicate short and long range learning expectations to students, and how the expectations are to be achieved and assessed. They engage students in meaningful activities that motivate and challenge them to achieve those expectations. They integrate current learning with prior learning, and provide opportunities for students to relate their learning to the home, community and broader environment.

Demonstrates the ability to engage learners in a variety of ways to create curiosity, deepen  critical thinking skills, foster creativity, make connections to the real world, share learning outside the classroom/school walls and meaningfully reflect on learning to improve skills.”

I have met the criteria by the following:

  • Inquiry projects include Passion Projects, Genius Hour
  • Monthly Current events
  • Cooperative learning strategies
    • such as:  jigsaw, 4 corners, inside-outside circle, elbow partners class discussions, debates, speeches, tableau
  • Field trips
  • Guest Speakers from community
  • Providing students structure but choice. Ex. Choice 1 of the following topic: Cooking, Traveling and Resting

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