“Demonstrates a collaborative approach to create long and short range plans to provide students with meaningful instruction that is appropriate for grade level and the program of studies. Teacher shows evidence of cross-curricular integration, plans for assessment, and is willing to modify plans if necessary.”

I have met this criteria by the following:

  • Having planned both as an individual and with PLC’s, I much prefer collaboration and discussion to develop essential outcomes, unit plans, weekly plans and lesson plans.
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) allows for success for all students. “Begin with the end in mind,” is a great quotation which I constantly remind myself. Ex. What do the students need to know at the end of this chapter? Or what is the purpose for this unit or topic or lesson?  
  • My order of ‘planning’ as follows:
    1. Essential Outcomes from Curriculum
    2. Year Plan (when they will take place throughout the year)
    3. Unit Plans/ Monthly Plans
    4. Weekly Plans sometimes daily plans
    5. Lesson Plans



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